Life Coaching Services

Let’s talk about you!

I am assuming that you are here because you are seriously interested in what a Life Coach can do for you. Well, let me ask you a few questions to see if Life Coaching is truly what you need at this point in your life:

Direction! Do you know where you are going in life? Do you need guidance?

Stuck! Are you stuck in a rut and wondering how to move ahead?

Change! Do you feel that you need to change things in your life?

Goals! Have you been able to set goals and achieve them?

Balance! Are you well-balanced in life? Can live life to the fullest?

Who I Am And, What I Can Do To Help You

My name is Ivory Burke and, I am a professional Life Coach. I’ve spent years working in both the public and private sector dedicating myself to helping others to achieve their goals in life. I can help you to create a vision for yourself, identify your strengths, set goals, manage stress, become better organized and, gain more balance in your being.

Coaching Process

Sessions: I do Phone Sessions or Skype Sessions with clients 45 minutes in duration, either weekly or bi-weekly for as long as clients want to do it. I charge $75.00 per Phone Session and $150.00 per Skype Session. We get to know each other and work as a team to develop plans for self-improvement, goal setting, personal achievement and etc. If clients are not happy with a Session, there is no charge.

Benefits: Life Coaching has proven to be a very valuable resource for people who are seeking self-improvement in their lives. It is a results-driven, positive experience that millions of people participate in.

Frequently Asked Questions: Duration/How Long? Up to the client and what he/she is getting out of it. Confidentiality? Life Coaches are professional people who are duty-bound to respect client confidentiality. How does Coaching differ from therapy? Life Coaching differs from therapy in dozens of ways – mainly, coaching is not clinical and does not delve into mental health issues. Who goes to Coaching? Anyone. Coaching Styles? They differ depending on the Coaches. My style is very person-centered, team-oriented and down to earth.

Free Consultation

If you are seriously interested in hiring a life coach, let me know. I will offer you a free, no-obligation 15 minute consultation to discuss how I can help you.

You can ask me some questions and, I will try to help you to determine what you want to get out of coaching and how we can work together to achieve what you want. Again, there is no obligation with this consult.


Ivory Burke
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